Fun Summer Fundraiser Ideas

The pandemic has taken over everything making it almost impossible to carry out the basic activities. You may be wonder how this is related to school, Let me break it down for you. Scholarship Donors and Colleges LOVE these kind of activities in your resume and trust me, it’s worth giving a try.If you or your non-profit club need some ideas for the summer, I got you covered.

1. Bake sales/pizza sale/food sale: This is very self explanatory but basically selling food and snacks to people. You can have like 3 day sales and each day could be a different theme/food type. Maybe day 1 being pizza of different kinds and even options to make your own pizza, day 2 could be ice cream and slushies and day 3 could be a lot of baked goodies like cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

2. Walkathons: may not be accomplished during the summer due to the humid weather but it’s worth giving a try. We could look for sponsors and these sponsors would give you a certain amount of money if a certain distance is completed. Printing t-shirts and hats that would be sold to participants would also raise some money. This is also good for publicity because people would most likely see you and the organization while walking and they will be compelled to know what’s going on and maybe join.

Silent auction at Austin Fermentation Festival

3. Silent auctions are basically auctions where there’s no actual auctioneer. The bidders are given papers to write their bids without letting the other bidders know how much they’re willing to pay and at the end, They submit their sheets and the auctioned item is given to the person with the highest “silent bid”. We could get the items to be auctioned from sponsors and supporters and even wrap up a few gift boxes.

4. Talent show/fashion show: another fun event where we could look for volunteers who can participate in and sell out tickets to people to come watch and entertain themselves. I mean who doesn’t want to watch a fun show

Photo by LaTimes

5. Drive in movies– this is usually done at night but it definitely follows the COVID regulations since everyone is in their cars. We could get a projector and set It up in an open field, advertise to people and sell tickets for them to attend. We could also sell snacks there to raise a little more money.

6. Trivia nights: Another fun activity that could raise more money. We could play board and card games like uno, chess, monopoly ,scrabble, twisters ,Jenga, Pictionary, charades, balderdash,5 second rule, headbandz watch ya mouth, Kahoots and other fun games . We can have drinks, punch, popcorn chips, cookies, etc. Entry fees would be sold to people and the fundings from the tickets.

7. Tie dye fest : Tie dye has made a come back in the past few months and since then, everyone has been rocking this trend. We could host a fun tie dye fest where we sell tickets and/or t-shirts, tanks and other items to people and give them the choices to dye them however they want and give them a variety of different colors to use . We can also provide paint for them to design however they want. This activity is directed towards young children and teens because they would find this activity more entertaining than older adults.

8. Balloon Pop party: This may not raise as much as others but its still pretty fun, we can fill an area with tons and tons of balloons, and in one or two of thode balloons, we can place $100 and sell tickets to people with the idea that they would be lucky to pop the balloons with the winning prize.

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