Unfortunately, I did not get to experience the back to school nights and all that because I started high school in the middle of the school year but it was still really fun. The nigh before, I was so excited and packed all my school suppliers, binders, folders, notebooks, pencils, highlighters etc. I almost did not even sleep,

The next morning, I got dressed and walked right to my bus stop. I was greeted by my counselor who was really nice and helped me with my schedule, lunch shifts and even the schools map. It was so difficult figuring how the map works and where to find my different classes which made me late for all my classes. I had a total of 7 classes which I’m pretty sure is the same in all public high schools. During lunch, a group of girls were nice enough to let me sit with them and it became my permanent sitting position.

My first day in high school was definitely not the ones in the movies but it was worth it. Like you, I was expecting it to be a total nightmare like I heard, read and watched but I can assure you it is nothing like that.


  • Cut down on the school supplies: Yes, school supply shopping can be fun nut you do not need all those notebooks, binders and markers. All they do is build up weight which affects your back. Save the space for all the papers you will be given by your teachers.
  • Join Clubs and Sports Teams: Joining clubs and Sport Teams gives you a chance to meet and socialize with people who you share the same interests with.. There are a ton of clubs in high school and there is one out there that is a proper match for you. If you do not find clubs you are interested in, you can start one.
  • Manage your time properly: Create a time table, assign different time to different activities. Keep your devices away when you need to work, they can be a huge distraction. Set time limits on your phones, it helps you stay focus in school and work. Time management will be full discussed in depth in another blog post.
  • Get enough sleep/rest: School can be really tiring and stressful and to keep going, you need to find away to get proper sleep after a days work. Lack of sleep leads tom poor concentration and a heavy impact on your productivity which affects your grades and the way you communicate.


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